Wolf Den Strong


Wolf Den Strong . Relentlessly committed to character, integrity, and perseverance. 


In 2014, Wolf Den Strong opened its doors with a simple passion to help others become better. Since then, we have helped many achieve and surpass their personal health goals. We are a family owned gym who’s philosophy, attitudes, and standards are simply to have a willingness to work hard above all else and we accept anyone who is first willing and ready to embrace change.


Our programs are structured. We do not believe in random exercise for the sake of exercise. It is intelligent training defined by quality, not quantity. By far, the mental aspects of our training are as important, if not more, than any one physical performance. That being said, what we are most interested in is your character of training. It is the single defining measure of earning your place at the Wolf Den. Integrity, character, perseverance, and determination are all virtues we hold high. With those virtues in place, any physical goals of weight loss, health, wellness, and resiliency can all be attained regardless of age or physical condition.


Our training is never bought – it is always earned.


We know that joining a gym can be an intimidating decision. At Wolf Den, we are committed to creating a welcoming environment that treats you as the unique person you are. We accept anyone who has the spirit for meaningful change and the heart to embrace it. 


We encourage you to complete our contact form, email us at info@wolfdenstrong.com, or call Rob @ 352-260-2385 or Christie @ 352-727-9390 to talk with us about how we can best work with your individual needs.

An environment that cannot be described - only experienced