Wolf Den Strong


 Alachua’s Premiere Personal and Performance Training Facility for all ages 

Our most frequently asked question is what do we do at Wolf Den? 

Put simply, we fix people.

Next question is how do we do it? 

We treat every person as the individual that they are. Each person has a unique medical history, unique conditions, unique injury history, unique movement patterns, and unique capacity. We spend a lot of time identifying what you need and ways we can improve upon your overall health.

Why do we do it? 

The healthcare system has failed us all. In a world of medical tribes and insurance blunders, it’s no wonder no one speaks to one another. Medicine fails to “treat” their patients and at best, “manages” their conditions. We set out to change that. Instead of spending 15 mins every 6 months, or year, with your Doctor, you spend 12 hours a month with us. 

As owners, we are also medical practitioners and help identify areas we can help you improve your life. Whether it’s chronic pain, back pain, obesity, HTN, heart disease, liver or kidney problems, post-op rehab, general fitness, or sports performance for young athletes, we have proven to be highly effective in assessing, correcting, and executing a plan to get you on the path to success. We’ve helped treat hundreds of people in ways no one ever thought possible.

No two cases are the same nor should they be. That is why calling us a fitness facility is overly shortsighted. We are so much more than that. This isn’t a facility to simply exercise. This is a facility that invests in you, the person. How we get there is limitless.


We encourage you to complete our contact form, email us at info@wolfdenstrong.com, or call 352-260-2385 to get started. Don’t settle for someplace else that isn’t going to get you what you need. Our reputation is built on results, trust, and accountability.  


You deserve the BEST! No more excuses.