Q: I’m interested in joining Wolf Den – How do I get started? 

 A: You can start at any point in time.  Please contact Rob at 352-260-2385 or complete the contact form to schedule a time to meet with us. We look forward to meeting you.

Q: What we do and who we are? 

A: We are a family owned training facility who’s philosophy, attitudes, and standards are simply to have a willingness to work hard above all else and we accept anyone who is first willing and ready to embrace change. 

Our programs are structured for the individual. We do not believe in random exercise for the sake of exercise. It is intelligent training defined by quality, not quantity. By far, the mental aspects of our training are as important, if not more, than any one physical performance. That being said, what we are most interested in is your character of training. It is the single defining measure of earning your place at the Wolf Den. Integrity, character, perseverance, and determination are all virtues we hold high. With those virtues in place, any physical goals of weight loss, health, wellness, rehabilitation and resiliency can all be attained regardless of age or physical condition. 

  Our training is never bought – it is always earned.  

 Q: This sounds intimidating. What should I expect?

 A: This facility is unlike any other. It’s members were once like you, afraid of change and what to expect when walking through our doors. Rest assured that joining Wolf Den Strong is like becoming a part of family that cares for one another and encourages the path you are about to start. There are many other facilities out there but not one of them has the medical knowledge and training that we do. Our members rave about the individual attention they receive and you will too when you make us your new home away from home. Don’t delay your possibilities any longer. Contact us and get started right away


 Q: Which program is right for me?

 A: We offer 3 Programs:

PRIME Training small group trains 3x/week each M/W/F and is our elite training program. Here, you will be to a variety of weight lifting, Strength lifts, Kettlebell training, and other advanced skill sets. We use a variety of tools and equipment including Concept 2 Rowers and Ski Ergs to compliment your training. PRIME training is intense level up training. If you have a desire to challenge yourself to the core, or if you come to us with a training background, this is for you.

Private One-on-One  training offers members specialized and individualized training to meet the needs of the client. Whether it’s because you have never strength trained, are recovering from an injury or surgery, or need help managing your Diabetes or other medical conditions, we can and will help you. 

Sports Performance exceptional training for a variety of sports. We currently offer a year round Baseball Development Program for 10u-14u players and private one-on-one for other baseball, softball, and volleyball athletes.


 Q: What if I have NEVER trained OR I have training experience elsewhere?

A: Every single person has to start somewhere. In an era where everyone sees elitist athletes on You Tube, mainstream TV, and every other outlet available, most who don’t have any training experience, think we are all like that. This is simply not true. It needn’t matter where you are now, only that you are ready to embrace positive change. With that single caveat, we are willing to help you become better.

Prior Training: Those with prior training experience are fully welcomed. We will discuss your prior training and determine mutually if you should review and update any of your prior training. We only want what is best for you so insuring you are fully up to speed in all movements will determine the course of your training.


 Q: How much does it cost to join?

A: Wolf Den Training goes above and beyond by treating every client and potential client with the time and respect they deserve as a unique individual. As part of this process, we conduct a no-cost assessment of every individual (adult & child) wishing to train with us. We not only want to spend time getting to know you, and you us, but we want to discover the best approach to get you to where you want to go. Selling wholesale sales pitches is not what we do and we certainly will not build our pricing strategy around perceived spending capacity. 

Our objective is to listen to what your needs are and then deliver that product by affording you a path to success. We feel that anything short of that is a disservice to you and our product. If you are simply price shopping then we can honestly predict that our facility probably isn’t the best fit. Our methods are effective, our work is hard, and our community is strong. We welcome the opportunity to serve you!


 Q: Discounts and Promotions

  A: We offer the following discounts:

  First Add-On Membership     $50 off Primary membership/month*

  Each add’l Add-On Membership $100 off Primary membership/month*

  *All Add-On memberships must reside in the primary member’s household. Taxes will be applied to all memberships.

Active Military, Police, & Fire Rescue 25% off monthly membership – Only 1 discount applied per person and cannot be combined with any other promotional offer.


 Q: Do you offer nutritional support?

 A: Yes. We offer a very successful Nutrition Program that is designed similarly to a clinical consult with your physician. Members and Non-Members may participate in the Program by appointment only. During the 60 minute consult, you will learn the how and why behind successful weight loss and how to implement it in your life. We have helped so many people with not only their weight-loss, but with their Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Obesity, and countless other conditions that have benefited from our Nutrition Program. You may contact us via the contact form, call, or email us anytime to schedule an appointment for consult. Fees and details of the program will be discussed at the time of your appointment.


 Q: Is your program difficult?

 A: Yes it is. We would be remiss to dilute our services. It is one of the reasons why our competitors compliment us by attempting to copy our program design. Having said that, no one is left behind. As long as you are willing to learn and work hard, you will literally be coached one-on-one every step of the way, regardless of your skill level or experience. We are focused on your character, not your athleticism. The latter can be developed, the former is part of who you are as a person.


 Q: When can I start?

 A: You can start your program anytime. Please contact us at 352-260-2385, or complete the contact form to schedule a time to meet with us. We look forward to meeting you.